The Other Shoe


A short story written and illustrated by Morgan Drum

I had a pair of shoes
I had a pair of shoes.
A lovely pair
A lovely pair that were given to me.

without care shoes

without care
Yet what did I do? I threw them without care, up in the air.
came into the atmosphere
I threw them so high, they came into the atmosphere.
Everything seemed good for a while.
Everything was wonderful.
waiting umbrella
I kept waiting for them to fall back down. I was beginning to think they never would.
sunny stroll
Then, I was out on a stroll one sunny day…
on top of my head
…when a single shoe dropped right on top of my head!
another shoe
There was another, I knew. Another shoe.
I waited
I waited…
and waited
…and waited…
waited in fear
…and waited in fear for the other shoe to drop…


But it never did
But it never did.

the end picThe End


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