Hope Chest Project

For Christmas, my mother got me a hope chest from an estate sale. For those of you that don’t know, a hope chest is a chest or a trunk that you put your hopes and dreams in. In other words, things for the future.

This hope chest, however, needed quite a bit of work…


I already started painting it before I realized I didn’t get any pictures of it. So as you can see, it was a nasty green/blue with an unfinished, dripping finish which kinda looked like someone peed all over it. The hinges and handles were rusted and unusable. So I had to take them off. The hinges were a struggle. They were somehow stuck underneath the lid, but I managed to get them off eventually.


I got this amazing blush pink Devine Color interior paint & primer from Target, and this fabulous metallic gold spray paint from Home Depot. The spray paint is special paint specifically created for use on metal.

After removing the hinges, I bought new ones from Lowe’s and spray painted them with the gold metal paint. Then, I outlined the metal fixtures on the chest with painter’s tape and sprayed those with the gold paint.


After that, I calculated the yardage needed to cover the inside of the chest, using my terrible math skills from high school (the only time I’ve ever used them). Then I went to Hancock Fabrics and got some purple velvet fabric, along with some decorative nails to hold it in place.



I lined the inside of the bottom of the lid, then folded the top corners over and nailed them into place.


Once I did that, I then did the same for the inside of the chest.


Next, I put the lid back on and attached the new hinges.


I had to repaint them so the screws were the same color.

Here is a comparison to the hinges before and the hinges after.





It looks pretty amazing if I do say so myself!

So here is the final look!




20160116_21503220160116_214134 (1)


Then I filled my hope chest with treasures!



Bowls, tea pots, sheets…things for my future home!

So if you’re debating on getting that amazing plate and tea cup set at T.J. Maxx, that beautiful baby blue hand mixer from Target, or even those trinkets that you don’t need for the house that you don’t have, just get a hope chest and buy them anyway!





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