Tea Party!!

Like most girls, I enjoy tea parties from time to time. What I’ve come to realize is that I am an excellent tea party planner. Kids all ages and genders love my tea parties! From my 4 year old little brother to my 19 year old best friend. Both girls and boys love my legendary tea parties. So I’m going to show you my secrets for the perfect tea party to make the children in your life love you even more!

Tip Number One:

It has to be real.

The food and drink have to be real because kids make believe too much already (not that that’s a bad thing). If it’s real, then it really ups the “wow” factor to them.

Keep the refreshments simple. Finger foods are best.


At this tea party, I used Oreo’s and Cuties orange slices on a fancy platter as the snacks. The tea is Harney and Sons Holiday Tea which smells amazing!

Another thing I have done in the past is substitute the tea for something else. For example, since we’ve recently gotten a lot of snow from Winter Storm Jonas, I made snow cream and used it as a winter alternative.

How do you make snow cream?

Well its super simple.

Mix milk, vanilla extract, and sugar in a bowl or cup. Fill a bowl with snow, then pour mixture into it and stir until well blended.

And viola!


Tip Number Two:

Have cute tea cups.

This is a must. Cute tea cups make everything more amazing.


I got this Dream and Sugar Tea Set from ModCloth.com.

They also have some new colors that I’m dying to get like Ivory and Petal.

These tea cups are extra special because when you pour tea in them, they look like hearts!

heart tea

I also have quite a few antique tea cups and pots, along with adorable ones I’ve found at TJ-Maxx. I have a tea cup obsession, okay!


Tip Number Three:

Have awesome guests!

This usually means stuffed animals. I, however, have a collection of stuffed unicorns with interesting names because I’m actually not 20 years old, I’m secretly 5. So they are usually present during these events. But I usually have my little brother pick out some of his own guests as well.


This is my 10 year old little bro who also loves my tea parties. Two of my unicorns were present for this little party, Chelsea and Janet, as well as Joey the snoggie (from Frozen Fever). The rest are my brother’s.

This particular party is with my other little brother, Paxton, who is 4. I brought Marvin, Gaylord (my BFF named her and I couldn’t refuse), and Eliza, along with my little snoggie, Joey. Paxton brought Turkey the rooster, G-Raff the rapper giraffe, Robo, and BB8 (hidden behind Marvin the blue unicorn).

Side Note: The crazier and more outlandish/silly you are with the guests, the more they will love it. Kids eat that stuff up!

But this isn’t where it ends. You have to dress them all up fancy! It is a tea party after all.



Tip Number Four:

Play fancy music.

The music sets the mood for the party. I always play The Sleeping Beauty Ballet on my record player for extra pizzazz!



Tip Number Five:

As an additional option, you can add some activities or conversation pieces.


I added some cool books like Unicorns: the Myths, Legends, and Lore, Romeo & Juliet, Greek Myths: A Wonder Book For Boys & Girls, Peter Pan, and Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass to read and get conversations flowing. Other than that, I find a child’s imagination is pretty interesting.

So that’s pretty much it! Have fun with your future tea parties!!






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