Redefine Beauty: The Story of She & Her

Once Upon a Time….

There was a lovely young girl, called Her, whose heart and soul shone like sunshine over a vast sea of tranquility. Peace covered over her heartlands and secured her mind for many, many years. But alas, peace is not meant to stand the test of time. After a while, one begins to understand it as normalcy and normalcy gives way to the loss of meaning. Eventually, you forget what peace means and it slips right through the fingers of even the best of us. You see, humans have to constantly have change in order to survive. And that is what happened to Her.

What she once saw as tranquility became imperfection. Every flaw stuck out like a spotlight shining over a mine field explosion. Her body became a curse to her consciousness and overflowed with impurity.

Her face, covered with acne. Her stomach, too large and too puffy. Her toes, too small, too strange. Her legs, too harry. Her fingers, too long. Her nails, too brittle. Her chin, not thin enough. Her nose was too bony at the top, yet too puffy at the end. And her entire body had hair in unwelcome places, along with fat in unwelcome places too.

When she looked in the mirror, she was disgusted. She was so disgusted, that she covered up every mirror in her home. Sometimes she even imagined taking a pair of scissors and cutting off everything she disliked.

She saw women on TV and in magazines and saw how beautiful and perfect they looked. She wanted to be just like them. So she learned. She did everything they did, yet still, she was imperfect.


Millions of miles away, a young woman by the name of She was perfect. She was in all of the magazines and had everything she could ever want. She was beautiful. Long thin legs, flawless complexion, effortless glow, perfect hair, not a spec of fat to be found on her body…yet, when she looked in the mirror, She didn’t recognize herself.

Her nose wasn’t like it used to be. Her breasts weren’t even real. Her skin was painted on. Her hair was fake too. Her sculpted body took too much time to keep and even though She seemed perfect, she felt plastic. And in a sense, she was.

When she visited her family on holidays, She would see those pictures of when she was young and carefree. She didn’t even look like the same person. She was imperfect.

In the news, She heard about a woman who got plastic surgery to look exactly like her because she wanted to look perfect too.

Alone in her room She cried, for she was ruining lives. Not only was it her life, but millions of others.

So She made a decision. She made a change.

She ate what she wanted and didn’t refrain from the truth. She lived with her mistakes and spoke out to prevent others from her mistakes too. She lived with her regret, but tried something new. She inspired happiness and self-love.


In fact, She inspired Her.

Her saw someone who was thought to be perfect, imperfect. And somehow, that made Her believe…maybe it wasn’t so bad to be seen as such.

So she uncovered the mirrors and looked once more. This time she saw something different. She saw a person.

Every day, she would stand in front of the mirror and stare at all of her flaws until the ugliness melted away and all she could see any more were things that made up a person.

She began to look for the imperfections in other people too. And what she found, might surprise you.

She found they were beautiful. The imperfections were what made people…human. They are what make a you or a me. Or a he, or a She. Or….Her.

When she looked into the eyes of passer-bys, she tried to see their soul. What made them who they are. Their struggles, their pain and suffering, their joy, their light. And she thought, Is this how God sees the world? 

Yes, she still wore makeup and shaved her legs, but she didn’t do it for the reasons everyone else did. She didn’t do it because the world said, “Do this and you will be beautiful.” She shaved her legs because she liked the way her skin felt when it rubbed against itself. She dressed up and wore makeup, not for other people, but because fashion, style, and makeup were an art, and she loved to express herself in this art form. This didn’t mean she was afraid of letting people see her without it. She welcomed it actually. She finally felt beautiful in her own skin and somehow, that was everything.

Like a free bird cascading down a mountain to the unforgotten sea, her soul shone once again over a sea of tranquility. Only this time, whatever battle there was to be fought would be fought within it’s boundaries.

All it took was a She to inspire a Her and their whole entire world was changed.

Though, in the end, she realized imperfection isn’t the lack of beauty, but rather the creation of beauty itself.

She also learned something else. Perfection and imperfection…they are just words. And words only mean something when we give them meaning.

So what is beauty?

The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines it as,

Full Definition:

the quality or aggregate of qualities in a person or thing that gives pleasure to the senses or pleasurably exalts the mind or spirit

Simple Definition:

the quality of being physically attractive

Society says that beauty is perfection, but perfection doesn’t even exist. For perfection in itself is imperfection.

I say beauty is what makes you special and extraordinary.

body image

I say,

Redefine beauty.





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