St. Valentine

Valentine’s Day is the day of lovers, but where did it all begin?

It all started with a man named St. Valentine. In Roman times, there was an emperor who persecuted the church who went by the name of Claudius.

Claudius believed that unmarried soldiers fought better than married ones. He believed the married soldiers would be to preoccupied with the thought of losing their families that they wouldn’t be good fighters. Whereas unmarried soldiers would have nothing to lose.

Because of this belief, Claudius sent out an edict that forbid the marriage of youths.

St. Valentine was a Roman Priest at the time, and he strongly disagreed with Emperor Claudius’ edict. He encouraged what the church thought then, that marriage was a sacred vow between a man and a woman.

Following the will of God, Valentine secretly married many couples in the Christian Church.

He was eventually discovered by Claudius’ men, imprisoned, and tortured for disobeying the command of Emperor Claudius II.

The legend says that a man by the name of Asterius, one of the Roman judges to persecute Valentine, had a daughter who was blind. Valentine is said to have prayed with the girl and by God’s grace, healed her. This act was so astonishing to Asterius that he, himself converted to Christianity.

269 A.D. marked the day that St. Valentine was sentenced to death. He was beaten, stoned, and eventually decapitated.

The last words he wrote were to Asterius’ daughter in a note signed “from your Valentine.”


And thus, Valentine’s Day was born.

So now you know!




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