20 Years Single

Valentine’s Day is nearly here and everyone automatically begins thinking about their status. Single, Taken, It’s Complicated…whatever it may be.

My status, however, has always been the same. I’ve never, in my entire life, had a boyfriend. And by that I mean no first kiss, no dates, no nothing.

In this day and age this seems rather strange, I know. There must be something horribly wrong with me, right? I must have a mental problem, right? Well, I’m actually pretty normal. Hard to believe isn’t it! And I’m not even ugly!

Maybe it’s because I’m too picky, or maybe my standards are just too high from all the celebrities I’ve mentally dated…whatever the reason, strangely enough, I’m grateful.

Too many girls spend too much time looking for a man, trying to impress him and whatnot, that they completely forget how to be themselves. They spend so much time as, for example, “Chris and Anne” that they don’t know how to be just “Anne”.


Being single all my life has allowed me to grow up like a rose. Blossoming into who I am and having a strong sense of what that is.


I may have never been in love, but I know what it should feel like. It should feel like what this rose looks like blooming out of your heart.

I believe in love at first sight and the magical possibility that everyone has a someone out there, waiting to bump into the right person at the right time.

I believe in magic because love is the most powerful magic of all.

true love
True Love magic, Once Upon a Time  season 1 episode 16


And maybe I’m picky because I should be! Everyone should be! You shouldn’t settle for someone you’re not completely in love with and I just haven’t found that yet.

I want a love that is passionate, that consumes my soul. Just any guy is not going to give that to me.

I think people date because they want to find what they want in a future spouse and if they fall in love along the way it’s like a bonus. But what if I already know who I’m looking for? What’s the point of dating unless you see a future there. And like I said, sometimes you just know.

Now I’m not 100% focused on finding the love of my life because I think it should happen on it’s own. When you’re not looking is when you find it.

Until then, I’ll focus on my career and my life. Which means I’ll be dressing fabulously for me. No one else. High fashion is my love, but some people just don’t understand. They say things like “Who are you dressing up for?” or “You’re sure to have all the boys crawling after you in that!”

Well I’m sorry to say that’s just not the point. Actually I’m not sorry to say it. I’m proud to say it. It shouldn’t be automatically assumed that just because you look fabulous, you’re doing it for a man or to impress someone.


I’m just gonna leave this here.

This is me as a dog.


So there’s my love life, or lack there of, in a nutshell. If you’re having relationship troubles, just remember me. 😉




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