Wonderful Words Wednesday

I’m always finding new ways to expand my vocabulary. I believe this day and age is filled with so many “like” and not enough of any other words. Stop giving, like all the attention to, like, the word “like” (see what I did there). There are millions of other words you can use too! They’re lonely and tired of the neglect! So without any further adieu, I give you:

Wonderful Words Wednesday!

Today’s word is….angst. (Inspired by my best friend, Bryanna.)




I love the example at the bottom, “my hair causes me angst”. It’s so true.


Angst can be used to describe a number of things like….

“Jackson’s girlfriend dumped him and he is now filled with angst.”

“The angst I feel is nothing compared to that of my brother’s.”

“The death of my favorite character on Game of Thrones gives me great angst. Is he alive? If not, will he be resurrected? No one knows. If he’s really dead I’m suing for emotional trauma…” (I better stop or we’ll be here all day.)

See? Angst!


Many of you might have also heard the phrase “teen angst”.

I see the word angst as a combination of anxious and angry. When you put teen in front of that, it makes total sense.



If that last part is true, it’s not just teens who feel angst. It carries over into adulthood too. I have angst every moment I realize I work minimum wage at a grocery store and still live with my parents because I’m trying to pay for college that won’t help me get a job because biology has nothing to do with being a writer…unless you write biology textbooks but that sounds like an awful job. I now realize I have written an awful run-on sentence and I am not apologizing! Adulthood might as well be a giant run-on sentence. It’s an accurate representation.

Feel the angst?





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