7 Signs You’re Obsessed With TV Shows

The first step to recovery is to admitting that you have a problem….

My name is Morgan Drum and I’m a TV show addict.

At this point in my life, I can say that I have a TV show for every night of the week. I can also say that I’ve binge watched my fair share of shows on Netflix as well. While this seems normal in today’s pop culture, it may have gotten slightly out of hand…



Just so you know how bad my problem is, let me go through all of the shows I watch on a weekly basis. (Not counting the shows that aren’t running anymore that I’ve binge watched obsessively- Gossip Girl, Friends, Revenge, Glee, Parks & Rec, etc…)


Once Upon a Time- 8pm

Once Upon a Time..LOVE IT!!!! My FAV show!!:  Only once upon a time...I understand all of this:

The Walking Dead- 9pm

Game of Thrones- 9pm



The Bachelor- 8pm

 Instagram photo by @the.bachelor.memes via ink361.com:


Pretty Little Liars- 8pm


New Girl- 8pm

 New Girl, Schmidt. Youths. Street youths are the worst.:

The Flash- 8pm

I haven’t watched this one in a while because my DVR can only record 2 shows at one time, but I started watching it because I really loved Arrow and the rest is history.




Teen Wolf- 9pm


Shadow Hunters- 9pm

So this show is really new and a tad bit cheesy. Some of the actors aren’t that great…I’d give it a C+. Yet, I still watch it. Why? Because I loved the movie with Lily Collins. She was a perfect Clary. This Clary is winy and annoying, but I can handle it just to see the hot guys (see the growing problem?). With every episode it grows on me, so we’ll see.


Arrow- 8pm

         Me watching Arrow:

American Horror Story- 10pm


Grey’s Anatomy- 8pm

  Grey's anatomy:

The 100- 9pm

*Side note* – I realize the poster says Wednesday. That is when they used to show it but it’s since then moved to Thursdays.



The Vampire Diaries- 8pm

foe real tho.:



So as you can see, I have way too many shows and an increasing problem. The more shows I watch, the more sucked into unreality I am. So, without any further adieu, I give you:

7 Signs You’re Obsessed With TV Shows


1.You have a TV show you have to watch every night of the week.

tv show calendar

I don’t have a show on Saturday! Maybe I’m not completely obsessed?…

2. You get real life and fictional character’s lives confused with your own and forget that they’re not real people.

Example: I was checking out the new arrivals at ModCloth.com the other day and saw that they had a new wedding collection. “Who do I know that’s getting married?” I kept thinking to myself, “I know there is someone.”  Only to realize that I was thinking of Hanna Marin from Pretty Little Liars.

That realization hit me hard. That’s when I realized this was getting a tad bit unhealthy…and sad.

When I’m shopping sometimes, I’ll find an outfit or cute shirt and think, this is sooo Spencer (PLL), or Jess (New Girl) would love this! I wish I could buy this for her but she’s not real!

This is also true:

I’m getting a bit delusional as well…


3. You choose your shows over your friends.

Now I’ve never had this problem because my friends are just as obsessed with most of the shows I’m obsessed with, but for some people it can be a real problem. “Sorry guys, I can’t go out tonight. I can’t miss Teen Wolf!” This also applies with boyfriends/girlfriends. I’d also like to point out that a good friend would watch with you…just sayin’.


4. You re-watch old episodes several times to find clues you may have missed the first time.

I’ll admit to doing this on several occasions. I also have friends that do this too. Then we meet up later and discuss what we found…I’m not crazy.


5. You can’t stop talking about your show and are constantly trying to find people who watch the same show as you so you can talk to them about all the crazy plot twists you’re losing sleep over.

True Story: There was a kid in my math class in high school that was obsessed with The Walking Dead. Every Monday, the first words to come out of his mouth were, “Did you guys watch The Walking Dead last night?!” Let’s just say it got old pretty quick.

Image result for watching pll memes


6. You have a whole quark board with clues & theories and spend your days searching the web for more clues & theories.

Yes, this is a real thing. No Wren was not A as I had hoped.


All I’ll say here is R + L = J.

So many GoT prophecies, so little time…


7. You constantly have dreams where you are in the show and it’s real life.

I have had dreams where I was Elena on The Vampire Diaries and the Salvatore brothers fought over me…that was a good one.

I had a dream that I cried over Jon Snow’s dead body for weeks and no one could get me off of him so I froze to death and they had to burn both of us together. (I would’ve said *spoiler* but you have to know that Jon is dead by now. I mean come on. That’s like saying *spoiler* Chandler and Monica get together! Everyone already knows this!)

I’ve also had a dream that the zombie apocalypse really happened and I had to fight off walkers with Rick Grimes. That one was kinda fun, kinda scary…I think I died actually.


So…I know I have a problem. Am I going to do anything about it? Probably not. I need that escapism in my life so I don’t have to focus on my real problems. Without TV shows, I would literally go mad or become extremely depressed. Do I watch way too much TV? Yes. Is it a bad thing? Nope! Do I go insane when I don’t have a show to watch? Maybe. But the way I see it…



P.S. Winston from New Girl is my spirit animal.


this will be my Epitaph! Thanks Ron Swanson!:



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