Wonderful Words Wednesday

Today’s word is…nefarious.


So instead of calling people douche bags or a witch with a B, you can call them nefarious fiends!

In case you’re unsure what that last word means, here’s the definition:


Nefarious and fiend can be used interchangeably.


Here’s how to use them in everyday life:

“That nefarious fiend just stole my wallet!”

“His nefarious demeanor suggested that he was up to no good.”

“She played me for a fool! That fiend!”

“Together, Bonnie and Clyde make two nefarious characters.”

“The fiend was so nefarious, that she didn’t even give me a single glance before making off with the jewels.”


I don’t know why, but my mind always goes back to 50’s-esque black & white mystery movies when I think nefarious fiend.





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