Wonderful Words Wednesday: BFF Edition

In honor of National Best Friends Day, today’s word is laotong or Lao Tong.

Laotong is a word from Chinese culture meaning a friendship bonding two girls together for eternity as kindred sisters.


Even though this word isn’t in the English language, I absolutely adore its meaning! Reading about this, a few names come to mind.

My Laotongs are my very best friends in the entire world, Bryanna and Madison. While I don’t always get to see them very often, they mean the world to me!

Friends Are Always There Friendship Taylor Swift Greeting Card Inside: "Cause in the end, best friends are always there." I LOVE this!!! @Madison Harrison @Bryanna Suter:

When I’m with my best friends, I’m standing with an army. They are strong, beautiful women that I would trust with my life. From buffalo chicken dip and staying up late, to sushi and trips to T.J. Maxx, best friends forever.

Maddy, Bry, I love you guys!


Some people don’t stay in your life very long, others, a life time. Some people you meet and you just know that they are your person. Some people you just enjoy being around because they are so full of love…and life…and happiness. The ones with beautiful hearts and an amazing sense of humor. The ones that will stay up with you to talk about whatever you need to talk about. The ones who you cry with, laugh with, sing with, watch a million TV shows with, lay in the driveway at night and talk about life with–because we’re so out of shape we can only walk the neighborhood once without dying. The ones that no matter how far away are always right there when you need them. Best Friend. Laotong. Army.

So who is your laotong? Who is in your army?

Happy National Best Friends Day!



P.S. Click here to see Redefine Beauty June: Bryanna Suter.


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