More Fabulous Finds at T.J. Maxx

T.J. Maxx is my favorite store in the history of ever. Never pay full price for fabulous.


Betsy Johnson is not a cheap brand whatsoever. When I saw these sunglasses, I knew I had yo have them for summer. Normally, around $20, I got these sunglasses for $9.99!


My best friend and I are obsessed with Essie nail polish. It’s getting to where we can’t go into T.J. Maxx without buying at least one Essie nail polish. At any other store, they would be around $6 for one tiny thing of nail polish, but at T.J. Maxx, they’re only $3.99! They always have tons of beautiful colors to sort through too!

Since I’ve recently been obsessed with making homemade ice cream (click here for the recipe), I had to buy this! For only $5.99 (normally $8), that’s awesome! Click here for an easy Homemade Ice Cream recipe and here for a Homemade Frozen Yogurt recipe.

Okay, so I’ve been eyeing these Ralph Lauren ankle boots for quite a while now. Since last November to be exact. When I saw that they were on clearance, I just had to have them! Normally priced around $80, at T.J. Maxx they were priced $49.99, then on clearance for $40! That’s exactly half off of the normal price some sorry soul would pay!

It’s no secret I love to bake, and when I saw this apron, I fell in love. First off, it looks like a cute dress, which is how I like my aprons to look. Second, they have cute little illustrations of herbs and spices (which I love)! Normally priced around $20, I got this beauty for only $9.99!





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