DIY Mermaid Crown

RedLipsAndHighHeels DIY Mermaid Crown

Who doesn’t want to be a mermaid princess?? The answer is no one. Mermaids are the bomb. Here’s how to make your very own mermaid crown to feel extra fabulous.

I took some inspirations from Pinterest:

Mermaid crown:

Wild & Free Jewelry | La Jolla Mermaid Crown:

The Leana Mermaid Crown by Wild & Free Jewelry. Available at
This one is $160! Yikes!

Crescent Mermaid Crown:

The Dreamer Mermaid Crown by Wild & Free Jewelry. Handmade in Santa Barbara, California.:

Mermaid Crown by Wild & Free Jewelry:

Mermaid crowns:

These are all glamorous, and sort of what we’re going for. I think they look the best when they’re really organic looking, like you just found them off the sea floor and formed a crown with your mystical mermaid powers!



  • hot glue gun with several glue sticks
  • lots of various types and sizes of beautiful sea shells -you can buy some at your local craft store or you can use real ones if you live near a beach- (you can use the smaller ones to fill in gaps, so make sure you have enough of them)
  • a plain metal headband
  • a roll of lace trim
  • ModPodge Stiffy, fabric stiffener
  • any pearls and/or jewels you want to attach


  1. Measure out two strips of lace the length of your headband, then coat them (front and back) in a layer of fabric stiffener. Set aside to dry.
  2. While it’s drying, lay out your shells the way you want to attach them to your crown. Just think of it as a rough draft.20160706_170805.jpg20160706_154559.jpg
  3. When your lace is dry and stiff, hot glue the two strips on either side of the headband like a sandwich.20160706_154957.jpg
  4. Next, you can begin applying your shells to the stiffened lace with the hot glue gun. I start in the middle and work my way to the ends. Make sure you cover all of the lace on the front to give it that authentic look.20160706_160455
  5. Put on your crown and wear it proudly!
  6. Add some starfish earrings and no one can tell you that you’re not a mermaid princess!


I started out with the lace seen above and my first crown turned out like this


It’s cute, but it’s a little bulky on the sides and the front leans in a lot. I also couldn’t fit all of the shells I wanted on it. But it’s all a learning process! So I took off the two big shells in the front and it looked much better. Without those two bulky shells, it gave the crown room to breathe.


The next crown I made with a wider lace which worked a lot better.

This one worked best because I had lots of space for all the shells I wanted. Plus I was able to cut off the excess that I didn’t want to show. Here is the final product:




 Now that you have your mermaid crown, click here to complete your look!

You are Mermazing:



P.S. If you make your own mermaid crown, use the hashtag #RLHHBlog so I can see all of the beautiful creations!

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