10 Things All Mermaids Need

If you’re of the sea, like me (seriously, the name Morgan is Welsh for ‘the bright sea’), here’s 10 things you need!

1. Sea Accessories

Mermaid Real Knobby Starfish Hair Chain by WhatHappensInOctober:

This I found this mer-tastic hair accessory on Etsy. Unfortunately, it’s no longer available. But do not fret! For you poor unfortunate souls, this can easily be recreated with a trip to your local craft store!

Starfish ring:

Shop for these fab rings here.

Mermaid Hair Comb - Sea urchin, Shell and vintage filigree 67$:

This mermaid hair comb is a tad pricey but it’s handmade on Etsy.

Sea shell earrings i should so make these. Old pare of plain earrings , glue and a seashell !:

This item, also from Etsy, is as unavailable as that starfish hair accessory. Fortunately, they seem easy enough to replicate.

coral ear cuff / katie gallagher.  Definitely can only wear it when your hair is pulled back, though!:

You can find more info on this awesome ear cuff here.

Handmade Starfish Hair Accessory:

Buy this fabulous sea star hair accessory here.

Mako Mermaids-inspired Shell Hair Pins:

These seashell bobby pins are from this Etsy shop, but are currently unavailable. Luckily, all you need are some shells, bobby pins, and hot glue to make these beauties.

2. Shell Makeup Brushes

Mermaid love! Makeup storage brush holder:

Get The Glam Clam here.

3. Seashell Purse

(100+) mermaid fashion | Tumblr:

I found this pearly beauty on Pinterest.

Mermaid shell purse - this would be a great accessory for a mermaid theme steampunk outfit:

From We Heart It

So little mermaid. love it:

I found this vintage purse on Pinterest.

4. Clam Pool Float

Let's be mermaids! https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=10154090695507378&id=120526887377:


Found on Amazon.

#UOONYOU - Urban Outfitters:

This one is from Urban Outfitters and it even has cup holders!

5. Shell Phone Case

Mermaid Shell iPhone Case:

Get it here.

Shello? The Shellular & Shell Phone  Valfre.com #valfre:

Get yours here.

Ooh pretty!! Need this for my Galaxy! - Mermaids Secret iPhone & iPod Case by Monika Strigel from Society6 for $35:

Get it here.

6. Mermaid Tail Blanket


Get yours here…or…

Casofu® Blue Mermaid Tail Blanket,Adult Thick Mermai... http://www.amazon.com/dp/B01EJLO5J2/ref=cm_sw_r_pi_dp_3Ixwxb1K4CCTA:

Get this one on Amazon for $83 less.

7. Mermaid Top

Urban Mermaid Tee

Shop Urban Mermaid Tee.

PINK Urban Mermaid Crop Top

Shop PINK Urban Mermaid Crop Top.

Sea Star Mermaid Crop Top

Shop Sea Star Mermaid Crop Top.

OCEAN Urban Mermaid Crop Top

Shop OCEAN Urban Mermaid Crop Top.

8. Mermaid Scale Leggings

Mermaids collection on eBay!:

Mermaid Leggings

You can get these babies is basically any color! Shop for them here.

Aqua Mermaid Leggings:

Get these here.

Pink Mermaid Leggings Punk Rock Metallic Fish Scale Leggings Women Yoga Workout Fitness Running Steampunk Holographic Leggings by GrahamsBazaar:

Found on Pinterest.

9. MerFin

So you can look and swim like a mermaid!

The Oceanika MerFin is a unique and never seen before mermaid mono-fin. The MerFins are original in the sense that they are made with recycled rubber, and are one of the first eco friendly fins. The MerFin is soft, flexible and functional and will give you the speed and agility of any fish in the ocean.:

MerFin Classic Adults:

Shop Mahina MerFin.

If you’ve got lots of money to burn, you can get a legit custom mermaid tail from the MerTailor.

10. Save The Mermaids Reusable Water Bottle


Shop Save The Mermaids and be plastic free for the sea.

You are Mermazing:




P.S. Check out my DIY Mermaid Crown to complete your mermaid look!


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