Redefine Beauty August: Stella Branch

This month, I’d like to introduce my fabulous cousin and mermaid princess, Stella Branch.


Stella has always been a firecracker. Her beauty and kindness shines through no matter who she is with. Nothing can bring this princess down! Even when she was little, Stella was wise beyond her years. She is funny, witty, courageous, and the most spectacular person you’ll ever meet.


Even though she is only eleven years old, she already knows what she wants to be. Stella dreams of one day becoming a veterinarian and having lots of dogs. She already has two named Sophie and Harry Potter Leonardo DiVinci Branch (that’s a mouth-full), whom she loves with all of her heart.

Stella has a gentle soul that loves all creatures, but she also has a beautiful singing voice. “I love to sing all the time,” she tells me. When she was younger, Stella was always singing songs from The Little Mermaid. She truly is a mermaid princess.

IMG_0516 (1)

When asked what she loves about herself, Stella tells me that it’s her kindness, her comedic sense of humor, her fierce blonde hair, and…her muscles, which she flexes for me. The kid does have pretty strong muscles! More than I do, that’s for sure!

What she doesn’t like about herself is her bad posture and how fast her fingernails grow. As a girl who also has fast fingernail growth, it does get pretty irritating having to clip them all the time.




When I first asked her what she didn’t like about herself, her immediate answer was her thick thighs. But Stella is young and she is learning to love herself more and more each day. She is learning to be confident in the body God gave her and she is still discovering herself. My hope is that her insecurities fade away in time and she sees herself in all her glory. I, myself, am still working on that but I believe that it’s something all women struggle with. Though, after I told her I loved her thick thighs, she thought about it and agreed that I was right. She told me she wanted to change her answer, and I did, but I felt it was important to note that we can change each other’s perspective of themselves by building each other up. We don’t tell each other just how beautiful and amazing they are enough and not just women, men too. We all have insecurities, but maybe if we built each other up more instead of letting the media decide what is beautiful and what’s not, maybe we wouldn’t have our insecurities.

Stella tells me that a beautiful person expresses how they feel, and you can see the beauty in their words and actions.


Stella’s definition of beauty:

 Beauty is more important on the inside but girls can show it on the outside too if that makes you happy. If you do what makes you happy then you’re more beautiful because of it.”


I believe Stella is redefining what it means to be beautiful. I am so lucky to have this gorgeous, sassy, fierce little girl in my family. Love you, Stella!



P.S. If you love Stella’s mermaid crown, click here to learn how to make it! You can also get her crop top at Adorkable Apparel.



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