16 Of The Coolest (and Creepiest) Halloween Decoration Ideas

1. Creepy Arms on a Wall

Creepy Corner. I couldn't have those because I would have a heart attack on the regular.:

2. Head in a jar

Head in a jar, scary! Great for Halloween. This has a great tutorial if you want to DIY and also an alternative to just download theirs:

Put a costume mask in a jar then add water! Plan on putting a glow stick or submersible LED light in the jar for effect.:

3. Witchy Potion Bottles

DIY Halloween Apothecary Jars’ Tutorial - 12 Last-Minute Halloween Decor Crafts - GleamItUp:

4. Spooky Bat Lamp

We love easy Halloween decorating ideas! Designer Dawn shows you how to make your home a little extra spooky with paper bats and Removable #GlueDots.:

5. Bloody Towels

Blood-Stained Towel for the Bathroom | 31 Last-Minute Halloween Hacks:

6. The Rising Dead

1 pallett, 1 red light, shallow digging, and plastic hands (dollar store) #Halloween #Halloweenoutdoordecorations #hauntedhouse:

Made with a pallet, red light, and fake hands.

7. Invisible Children

Creepy little doll shaped ghosts! DIY for Halloween decorations or any of your creepy decorating needs!:

8. Spider Web Tunnel

spider haunt tunnel:

a white stocking with stuffing inside:

9. Bleeding Candles

Transform dollar store candles into bleeding votives that really set the tone for an eerie evening of Halloween fun.:

10. Dead Fairies

DIY Halloween Fairy Tutorial by Hilda at the HalloweenForum.com. The skeleton is from the Dollar Store skeleton garland and the butterfly wings are from a huge package of wings from a craft store.:

11. House-Scaling Skeletons

Halloween decorations with skeletons climbing up the side of the house. Genius!:

12. Ghost Mirror

DIY spooky mirror- thinking i may try this in a series..with 4 or 5 mirrors where the image changes slightly in each one like it is moving through the mirrors:

13. Chicken Wire Ghosts

Chicken wire

Shape chicken wire into ghostly figures and spray paint with glow in the dark paint. Genius!...If you could put them on an automotive device that could make them sway back and forth while not being seen, that would be really creepy:

14. Mask Lights

DIY Just cover your porch or front lights with plain white masks for an eerie ghost effect Halloween decorations http://pumpkinrot.blogspot.com:

15. Creepy hands on a tree

25 Most Pinteresting Halloween Decorations To Pin on Your Pinterest Board | Easyday:

16. Creepy Old Pictures with eyes cut out candles

Dollar Store Halloween Crafts:

17. Wriggling Snake Wreath

Who knew toy snakes and a grapevine wreath could look so chic? #DIY #halloween:

Happy Halloween!



Image credit: Pinterest

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