Disney Dream

This past November, my family and I got to live the dream for a week. The Disney dream. Yep, you guessed it! We got to go to Disney World!

And this is where we got to stay…


We stayed at the Art of Animation Resort in the Radiator Springs section, and I have to say it was the coolest one there.


This is our home for the next week!

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It was an exact replica of Radiator Springs.






As you can see, we had way too much fun here.

Elephant Graveyard in the Lion King section of the Resort
Dinglehopper in the Little Mermaid section of the Resort


The Art of Animation also had many of the concept art in the main lobby.

And the fab resort is just the beginning…


Day 1: Magic Kingdom/Arrival


Panorama of Main Street



Gaston’s Tavern




Ariel’s Under The Sea ride

Kiss the girl 😘

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Meeting Ariel in her Grotto

(My Seashell shirt is from AdorkableApparel.com)


Day 2: Magic Kingdom




Eating at the Crystal Palace with Hundred Acre Wood friends.


Prince Eric’s Castle



Tangled Village


Day 3: Animal Kingdom

Waiting for our bus.








Day 4: Hollywood Studios




My lil’bro in Jedi training!

Jayden in Jedi Training today!

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Buzz Lightyear shooting ride

Daddy's star wars ears are 👌🏼

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T-Rex Restaurant in Disney Springs





Day 5: Magic Kingdom

Seven Dwarf’s Mine Train

Enchanted Tales with Belle




Under the Castle







Inside the Castle




Space Mountain
Elsa & Anna lit up the castle for the Christmas Party!

Elsa lighting up the castle tonight

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Day 5: Epcot

Breakfast at the Be Our Guest Restaurant


The Ballroom
The West Wing
The Enchanted Rose

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It truly was a magical time!




Fabulous Christmas Finds at T.J.Maxx

Christmas time is here! And T.J.Maxx has all the holiday essentials!


I got this fabulous tacky Christmas sweater for only $19.99! Mrs. Claus would be proud!



This decadent holiday apron was only $12.99! I wear it every time I bake Christmas sweets!



This pillow has to be one of my all time favorites. Granted, it was a tad more than the other ones at $24.99, but it was definitely the most sparkly so I obviously had to get it.



These gift tags were $3.99 and I also got the wrapping paper shown below for the same price. They had tons of gift tags! The ones I got last year had north pole seals on them.


I am obsessed with this embossed wrapping paper! The gold and snowflakes makes it too perfect! It gives each gift a little sophistication and style! They had it in silver, blue, and rose gold also.

The combination of the two is magical!

Happy Holidays!



12 Things All Gilmore Girls Fans Need

It’s here! The Gilmore Girls revival is finally here! Fans have been waiting years for this day and it has finally come! Whether you grew up with Gilmore Girls or you’re a new fan who has binge-watched all 7 seasons (like me) and has become completely obsessed, today is a great day. So in celebration, here are some Gilmore worthy memorabilia to fuel your love of Stars Hollow.

1. Luke’s Diner Tee

Amazon.com: CafePress - Vintage Gilmore Girls Lukes Diner T-Shirt - Womens Cotton T-Shirt, Crew Neck, Comfortable & Soft Classic Tee: Clothing:

Throw in a plaid shirt and a backwards baseball cap and you’re covered! $19.99 on Amazon.

2. Eat Like a Gilmore Cookbook

I don’t know about you but watching the Sookie cook always made my stomach growl! Eat Like a Gilmore for $15.76 on Amazon.

3. Dragonfly Inn Tee

Dragonfly Inn T-Shirt by SnorgTees. Men's and women's sizes available. Check out our full catalog for tons of funny t-shirts.:

Get this Dragonfly Inn tee for $20 at SnorgTees.com!

4. Lorelai, Rory, and Sookie Funko Pop Figures


Get this set of three here for $39.85!

5. Luke’s Diner Cookie Cutter

Luke's Gilmore Girls Cookie Cutter

Make some cookies for your Gilmore Girls revival party! Get them on Etsy for $6.50.

6. The Life and Death Brigade Bumper Sticker

Find it here for $2.26!

7. Doose’s Market Tote

ClearDooses Market Tote Bag

Get it here for $9.95!

8. Pick a Side Mug

ClearLuke or Lorelai by NandaCN:


Lorelai or Luke? $15 here.

9. Hep Alien Baseball Cap

Best worn backwards. $13.99 on CafePress.

10. Season 2 Episode 22 Mug

3-oypoodles copy Mugs:




$8.95 on CafePress

11. Sookie’s Kitchen Refrigerator Magnet

Sookie's Kitchen Rectangle Magnet

$4.99 on CafePress


12. Babette Ate Oatmeal Tee

Men's Babette Ate Oatmeal T-shirt 3XL Black Gilmorism https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01GIJ5S9O/ref=cm_sw_r_pi_dp_x_.M3oybNSPYEX6:

Kirk would be proud! $13.99 on Amazon.


Where you lead I will follow…



Awesome Pumpkin Carving Ideas

1. Cinderella’s carriage

I made this one Halloween of 2014

Disney Princess Carriage Pumpkin #halloween #pumpkin #pumpkins #great #decor #ideas #cool #scary #spooky #neat #fall #decorations #party #disney #carriage #princess #prince:

This one looks better than mine but you really have to have the perfect pumpkins.

Cinderella's Pumpkin Carriage:

2. Mike Wizouski from Monsters Inc.

I made this one Halloween of 2015.

This monster, who’s got his pie on you. | 25 Disney Pumpkins That Will Get You In The Halloween Spirit:

3. Tinkerbell

I made this one Halloween of 2013.

How to Make Halloween Tinker Bell Pumpkin - DIY  on imgfave:

4. Pumpkin Fairy House

House Pumpkin:   Kim Ludwiczak and Renee Wisniewski of Livonia and Madison Heights, MI, added gourd-and-berry window boxes. Read more: Pumpkin Carving Ideas - Pumpkin Carving Designs and Pictures - Good Housekeeping:

5. Wood

40 Creative Pumpkin Carving Ideas via Brit + Co.:

6. Jack Skeleton from The Nightmare Before Christmas

Jack The Pumpkin King from The Nightmare Before Christmas carved into a pumpkin:

7. The Little Mermaid

50+ Creative Pumpkin Carving Ideas | Cuded:

8. The Cheshire Cat from Alice in Wonderland


definately doing this one this year, cant wait to carve it!:

cheshire cat pumpkin carving - AT&T Yahoo Image Search Results:


This one is legit. I could never do it, but if you’ve got the skills, go for it!



16 Easy & Fabulous Halloween Costume Ideas For Women

1. 1920’s Flapper Girl

Me, Halloween of 2013

Etsy Thursday: The Great Gatsby WeddingThe Great Gatsby Inspired Wedding This week’s Etsy Thursday post is full of beautiful inspiration…View Post:

Halloween Costume mixed with a love of vintage: ghost makeup and dark lips with vintage clothing and accessories. Pretty lovely and creative.:

What You’ll Need:

  • a knee length dress with fringe
  • pearls (lots of layering)
  • pretty hair piece
  • fur (optional, but helpful in the cold)
  • Hair: curly or wavy bob (if you don’t have short hair you can either buy a wig or tuck all your hair under and pin it like I did)


2. Provincial Belle from Beauty and the Beast

Me, Halloween of 2014


My costume was last minute, so it’s not as detailed as the ones below. Mine is more of a modern Belle, but you don’t need much to pull this one off.

Pinterest is currently exploding with some pretty amazing Disney Halloween costumes.:

See How These 15 Celebs Got Their Halloween Weekend Started via Brit + Co.:

What You’ll Need:

  • black ballet flats
  • a fairytale book
  • a blue dress over a white blouse
  • a white apron
  • blue bow
  • a basket (optional)


3. Katniss Everdeen from The Hunger Games

Me, Halloween of 2012


First film: The franchise star is shown as Katniss in the 2012 film The Hunger Games:

What You’ll Need:

  • dark colored pants and shirt
  • mockingjay pin
  • brown leather jacket
  • brown boots
  • bow and quiver (arrows optional)
  • hair in a single braid


4. Cruella de Vil

Me, Halloween of 2015

Iggy Azaela in Cruella Deville costume, now I definitely want to do my own version.:

Cruella De Vil:

What You’ll Need:

  • white or off white fur coat (I found mine at Goodwill)
  • tight black dress/black top & tight black skirt combo
  • red gloves
  • red heels
  • black tights
  • black and white wig
  • vintage cigarette holder
  • fancy jewelry
  • dalmatian (optional)


5. Sandy from Grease

Me as Sandy for trunk-or-treat 2016.

#TrunkOrTreat #SandraDee #DrumsDriveIn #throwback

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Gigi Hadid Was Sandra Dee For Halloween — and Her Costume Was Absolutely Flawless:

Sandy Grease Adult Costume, wear all black and a blonde wig! | Click Pic for 30 DIY Halloween Costumes for Women | #Womens #Halloween #Costumes:


What You’ll Need:

  • black leather jacket
  • tight black pants/leggings (leather looks the best)
  • black off-the-shoulder top
  • chunky black belt
  • red heels
  • hair: super curly


6. Daenerys Targaryen from Game of Thrones

Leo: Game of Thrones Queen - Find out the best Halloween costume for your astrological sign on ELLE:

Transform into Daenerys Targaryen + Khal Drogo for Halloween.:

Homemade Daenerys Targaryen costume - 9GAG:

Daenerys Targaryan hair:

What You’ll Need:

  • one of Daenerys’ many fabulous dresses
  • white braided wig
  • mini dragons (optional)


7. Wind-up doll

"I'm just a doll on a music-box/that's wound by a key." ~~Chitty Chitty Bang Bang:

Doll costume:

Marionette / Wind Up Doll Costumes - Halloween Costume Contest via @costume_works:

Doll up for Halloween this year with a simple DIY add on to a cute baby doll dress and voila! This wind-up key is so easy to make! All you need is some cardboard, paper towel tube and metallic paint. Makes great last-minute costumes!:

What You’ll Need:

  • wind-up key for back
  • cute dress
  • big eyelashes
  • cardboard doll box (optional)


8. Witch

Dress up as the Woman in Black for Halloween.:


american horror story coven costume - Google Search:

What You’ll Need:

  • long black dress
  • black hat
  • black shoes
  • black cape (optional)
  • broom stick (optional)


9. Comic book girl

halloween makeup ideas 2013 | 25 Best Cool and Scary Halloween Makeup Looks of 2013:

Zebra Makeup add a french roll, some black and white hairspray and then complete with makeup. Great for a jungle party. #animal #makeup #ideas:

Comic Book Makeup Tutorial | Click Pic for 18 Easy DIY Halloween Costumes for Women | Last Minute Halloween Costumes for Girls:

amazing halloween costume idea:

What You’ll Need:

  • body paint and/or makeup
  • colorful wig (optional)
  • word bubble
  • whatever outfit you find appropriate


10. Evil Queen

Regina Once Upon a Time OUAT Lana Parilla by Bbeauty79 on Etsy:

black embroidery lace sheer tunic & full tulle by ISLANDPRYNCESS:

DIY Evil Queen Crown:

What You’ll Need:

  • long regal dress that makes you feel like a queen (preferably black but it doesn’t neccesarily have to be)
  • fabulous crown
  • heels


11. Mermaid

Maybe next year? Wish i could pull this off!!  Lauren Conrad's DIY Mermaid Halloween Costume {easy to make and so cute}:

As much as they bug me, I must admit that Kim Kardashian's mermaid costume is really good.:

Mermaid costume:

What You’ll Need:

  • strapless top (with lots of support if you’re busty like me) covered in seashells
  • shiny, sequiny maxi skirt with tulle on the sides to mimic the tail fin
  • seashell crown (optional)


12. Skeleton

Halloween 2016 with my little bro.
My Halloween costume made into art via Prisma.


Esqueleto de Maquillaje por Mademoiselle Mu | Parrilla Inspiration | Design Inspiration:

Sugar skull:

What You’ll Need:

  • black and white body makeup
  • white wig (optional)
  • either black clothes or clothes with skeleton print on them


13. Poison Ivy

Poison Ivy With Ivy Train Costume, Halloween Costume, Monokini, Fairy Costume, Cosplay, Comicon, Batman Dress Gown:

Poison ivy arm cuff slave bracelet leaves and vine whimsical woodland fancy dress tree people costume:

Makeup your Jangsara: Poison Ivy:

Cosplay girls are the muse that keeps on giving (52 Photos):


What You’ll Need:

  • red wig
  • green outfit with poison ivy leaves all over
  • green heels


14. Cleopatra

Rounding up some of the most memorable Halloween costumes ideas from the fashion set, Hollywood, and beyond.:

The amazing @zuleykasilver as "Cleopatra"  Makeup by @mua_passion #ryanastamendi To set up a shoot, email me at Ryan.Astamendi@gmail.com:

Elizabeth Taylor in 'Cleopatra', 1963. Queen of the Nile? She looks like a goddess of the universe.:

The Cleopatra look | Elizabeth Taylor:

Cleopatra- 1963. Vittorio Nino Novarese and Renie Costume Designers.:

What You’ll Need:

  • short black wig
  • lots of gold accessories
  • long gold or white and gold dress


15. The Corpse Bride

Halloween guide 2013: 20 awesomely scary makeup ideas for women:

The Corpse Bride Cosplay:

The Corpse Bride Halloween Costume:

What You’ll Need:

  • long white strapless dress/wedding dress that has been distressed and creases painted blue
  • blue body paint
  • blue wig
  • blue flower crown with veil
  • bouquet of blue flowers


16. Vampire

#halloween #make up #costume:

Cothic vampire makeup for halloween:


What You’ll Need:

  • Vampire fangs (I get mine from Hot Topic)
  • fake blood (optional)
  • red contacts (optional)
  • black leather jacket and/or other dark, seductive clothing


Happy Halloween witches!




Image credit: Pinterest

16 Of The Coolest (and Creepiest) Halloween Decoration Ideas

1. Creepy Arms on a Wall

Creepy Corner. I couldn't have those because I would have a heart attack on the regular.:

2. Head in a jar

Head in a jar, scary! Great for Halloween. This has a great tutorial if you want to DIY and also an alternative to just download theirs:

Put a costume mask in a jar then add water! Plan on putting a glow stick or submersible LED light in the jar for effect.:

3. Witchy Potion Bottles

DIY Halloween Apothecary Jars’ Tutorial - 12 Last-Minute Halloween Decor Crafts - GleamItUp:

4. Spooky Bat Lamp

We love easy Halloween decorating ideas! Designer Dawn shows you how to make your home a little extra spooky with paper bats and Removable #GlueDots.:

5. Bloody Towels

Blood-Stained Towel for the Bathroom | 31 Last-Minute Halloween Hacks:

6. The Rising Dead

1 pallett, 1 red light, shallow digging, and plastic hands (dollar store) #Halloween #Halloweenoutdoordecorations #hauntedhouse:

Made with a pallet, red light, and fake hands.

7. Invisible Children

Creepy little doll shaped ghosts! DIY for Halloween decorations or any of your creepy decorating needs!:

8. Spider Web Tunnel

spider haunt tunnel:

a white stocking with stuffing inside:

9. Bleeding Candles

Transform dollar store candles into bleeding votives that really set the tone for an eerie evening of Halloween fun.:

10. Dead Fairies

DIY Halloween Fairy Tutorial by Hilda at the HalloweenForum.com. The skeleton is from the Dollar Store skeleton garland and the butterfly wings are from a huge package of wings from a craft store.:

11. House-Scaling Skeletons

Halloween decorations with skeletons climbing up the side of the house. Genius!:

12. Ghost Mirror

DIY spooky mirror- thinking i may try this in a series..with 4 or 5 mirrors where the image changes slightly in each one like it is moving through the mirrors:

13. Chicken Wire Ghosts

Chicken wire

Shape chicken wire into ghostly figures and spray paint with glow in the dark paint. Genius!...If you could put them on an automotive device that could make them sway back and forth while not being seen, that would be really creepy:

14. Mask Lights

DIY Just cover your porch or front lights with plain white masks for an eerie ghost effect Halloween decorations http://pumpkinrot.blogspot.com:

15. Creepy hands on a tree

25 Most Pinteresting Halloween Decorations To Pin on Your Pinterest Board | Easyday:

16. Creepy Old Pictures with eyes cut out candles

Dollar Store Halloween Crafts:

17. Wriggling Snake Wreath

Who knew toy snakes and a grapevine wreath could look so chic? #DIY #halloween:

Happy Halloween!



Image credit: Pinterest

21 Things To Do On Your 21st Birthday

This month, there won’t be a Redefine Beauty featurette. I have been extremely busy with school, work, and on top of that, I was blindsided with a terrible cold this week. So instead, I though I would do a piece on things to do for a 21st birthday because I’m turning 21 this month!

1. Karaoke Bar

Image result for karaoke bar

I’m a sucker for karaoke, add alcohol and it just makes things all the more entertaining.

2. Amazing Pubcycle


In Ashville, NC there is this bicycle bar that gives tours of the city! How cool does that sound?! Click here to learn more!

3. Bonfire with Friends

Image result for bonfire with friends

If you’d rather just keep it casual, you can invite a few (or a lot) of your friends over for drinks, s’mores, and other cool things like fireworks.

4. Release a Lantern

Image result for sky lanterns

Now, you have to be really careful with these. They are super cool but can also be super dangerous too. You need to make sure you’re in an open area where there aren’t any trees or buildings that could catch fire. But I like to see the lanterns as a wish. It’s like a giant birthday candle! Except you let it go instead of blow it out. When you release your lantern, make a wish and maybe it’ll come true!

5. Margaritas at the Beach

Image result for margaritas at the beach

Nothing’s better than margaritas on the beach!

6. Dinner at a Fancy Restaurant

Image result for fancy restaurant with wine

Nothing says sophistication like a glass of wine with your dinner! It may be a bit pricey, but you only turn 21 once, right? At least that’s what I’ll tell myself anyway.

7. Travel Somewhere You’ve Always Wanted To Go

Image result for travel

Image result for treat yo self gif

Weather it’s the next town over or across the world, why not?! You’re only 21! You’re young and carefree! The time is now to go where your heart desires!

8. Drink Whatever You Want!

Image result for lots of drinks

I don’t plan on getting wasted, but if you want to, do it! Try drinks, see what you like and dislike! It’s all part of the learning process, right? Just make sure you plan accordingly, which means having a DD (designated driver), and friends that won’t let you do stupid stuff that you’ll regret later.

9. Take the Whole Day Off!

Image result for day off

It’s your birthday! You shouldn’t have to worry about school or work, just a good time!

10. Treat Yo-Self

Image result for treat yo self gif

Go where ever you want. Eat whatever you want. Wear whatever you want. It’s your day!

Image result for treat yo self gif

Image result for treat yo self gif

Image result for treat yo self gif

Image result for treat yo self gif

Image result for treat yo self gif

I can’t help myself, I love Parks & Rec.

11. Spa Day

Image result for spa

Spend time relaxing at a spa. You deserve it! You can chose to go to an actual spa, or you can treat yo-self in the comfort of your own home with a spa kits you can get at places like Target.

12. Road Trip!

Image result for road trip

Plan a road trip with your besties! Go anywhere you want! Just get in the car and drive! Adventure awaits!

13. Bar Crawl

Image result for new girl bar crawl

The best thing to do for someone new to the alcohol scene is a bar crawl. Well, it’s probably not good for your health, but it’s good to get to know the bars in your area.

14. Skydiving

Image result for skydiving

Because why not?!

15. Disney!

Image result for disney world drinks

Go to one of the most magical places in the world! You’ll get to try all of the Disney cocktails!

16. Go on a Cruise

Image result for cruise

A cruise is the best place to be because you don’t have to pay for drinks! It’s usually included in the cruise package. Plus, if you book early enough, it’s usually a lot cheaper.

17. Concert

Image result for concert

Go see one of your favorite singers or bands!

18. Wine Ice Cream

Image result for wine ice cream


Yeah, it’s a real thing! 5% alcohol and 95% ice creamy deliciousness! Click here to get some from Mercer’s Dairy. They have pretty much every flavor you can dream of. Chocolate Cabernet, Peach White Zinfandel, Cherry Merlot, Strawberry Sparkling, Red Raspberry Chardonnay…

19. Day Drink

Image result for brunch mimosa

Start with brunch and mimosas because it’s your day and you can finally drink! Go you!

20. Try All of Those Recipes on Your Pinterest Board


If you’re like me, then you already have a whole Pinterest board of cocktails and different drinks to try once you turn 21. Well, you’re 21 now! Time to try them! Click here to check out my board.

21. True American

Image result for true american new girl gif

I saved the best for last! True American is a drinking game they play on New Girl and probably the craziest drinking game ever invented. I’m still not 100% sure on how to play it. So I did what any person would do in the 21st century. I googled it.

Image result for true american new girl gif

Image result for true american new girl gif

Image result for true american new girl gif

…right. So, it seems super complicated but also super fun. Oh, and you’re guaranteed to get trashed.

Image result for true american new girl gif

So here are the rules, or what I can figure out anyway.

Image result for true american new girl gif

Image result for true american new girl gif

Image result for true american new girl gif

Image result for true american new girl gif

Okay, so you create 4 zones for whatever reason, and in the middle of all of the zones is the “castle” made up of cans of beer, or the pawns aka the soldiers of the secret order. In the middle of the castle is a bottle of liquor who is known as the king of the castle. The floor is molten lava, so you have to jump around on a trail of chairs, cushions, and pillows.

Image result for true american new girl gif

Bellow is an example of the set-up.

Example Layout

The game starts with a shotgun tip off. Someone chants “1, 2, 3, JFK!” then the other players yell “FDR” and they all run to the center table where the “castle” is and grabs a beer, then picks the nearest object to stand on.

Teams are optional. To pick teams, everyone holds up a random number of fingers against their foreheads. You are teamed up with anyone else that is holding up the same number of fingers as you. Unmatched players can team up as needed.

Players take turns attempting to earn moves. The three actions that can be taken on a turn are guessing a common trait, doing the count, or completing a quote. When guessing a common trait, the player names to people or objects that have something in common. The other players then yell out what is in common. For instance, “Abe Lincoln, George Washington” and “Cherry Tree”. Players who guess correctly drink and move. When doing the count, the player counts “one, two, three” and on four, all players put a number on their head similar to how teams are picked. Somehow this leads so someone drinking and moving. When completing a quote, the player begins a quote and all other players attempt to finish the quote. For instance, “The only thing we have to fear is…” and “fear itself!”. Players who complete the quote correctly drink and move.

Other rules include: everything that you hear in True American is a lie, when a player finishes their beer, they yell “All trash belongs…” and all other players yell “in the junk yard!” at which point empty cans are thrown into a designated receptacle, and a player may yell “JFK” at any time at which point everyone must yell “FDR” and finish their beer. In the end, whoever gets to the king and finishes him off wins the game.

Image result for true american new girl gif

Like I said, the craziest drinking game ever invented. If you still don’t understand, you can click here for the official rules.


If you’re really feeling crazy, there is a True American: First Lady Edition, but I really don’t understand that one so good luck with that.